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Historial Outline

Library and Documentation Division is one of the most important divisions of Bangladesh Open University. This division is well defined, decorated and in a very lucrative space. The Central Library began its operation on September 14, 1994, in a separate three-storied building with a total of approximately 1568 square meters on the main campus. The library has already passed a glorious 25 years service benefiting a large number of distance learners across the country. In the city office of BOU, a small library is also working. Students of different programs are taking advantage of using the library. A good collection of books are there for readers.


The mission of the BOU library is to provide access to the latest reading materials to its users at the right time. As a social organism, the BOU library endeavors to introduce better services to the readers.


The collections of the BOU Library are closely related to the University’s Curriculum and are classified, cataloged and displayed for its users. The Library resources include books, periodicals, newspapers, Journals etc. At present, the users of BOU Central Library have access to around 34,000 books, 392 titles of Journals and 15 national daily newspapers in both Bangla and English.

UDL (University Grants Commission of Bangladesh-Digital Library) Member :

As a member of UDL, Bangladesh Open University library is able to access more than eighteen thousand e-books of the renowned eight publishers. These include: Cambridge University Press, Oxford Scholarship Online, Tata McGraw-Hill’s Express library, Taylor & Francis Group, SAGE Publications, Pearson Education India, Springer e-Books and Wiley Online Books. Through UDL a huge number of journals of three publishers: Emerald, Jstor and IEEE are also available.

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