About Adminstration Division

Historial Outline

The administration is responsible to provide administrative support and to expedite the academic activities of BOU that functions in collaboration with schools and divisions. Besides these, the division has to ensure the implementation of the decisions taken by the Board of Governors, Academic Council and other statutory bodies formed under the Act of BOU. The division consists of 9 departments and each has its own responsibilities.

The departments are as follows:

 Registrar’s Office

 General Administration


 Personnel-1 (Teacher & Officer)

 Personnel-2 (Staff)

 Training & Research



 Medical Services

 Research Degree Unit

The Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive and academic officer of the university. However, the whole administration is supervised by the Registrar.

Mission of Division

The main objective of BOU is to expand all levels of education accessible to all and to transform the country’s vast human resources into efficient manpower by improving the quality of education in general. BOU is maintaining its academic programs through 12 Regional Resource centers, 80 Sub-Regional Centres, about 1500 study centers all over the country and more than twenty thousand tutors are conducting tutorial classes to supplements the learning. At present more than 1500 employees (Teachers, Officers & Staffs) are working in this institution. To run smoothly the institution this division has taken the necessary step to manage, co-ordinate and to control the employee to achieve the ultimate goal. The administrative division is committed to providing all necessary supports to develop the quality that society demands.

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