September 21, 2023

Open School

Open School

Open school is one of the largest schools among six schools of BOU in terms of the number of students’ enrollment. Any person has the opportunity to be admitted irrespective of his/her age, gender, disability and profession in any program of the school. Currently, the school is offering six programs namely Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA-Bangla Medium), Master of Business Administration(MBA-Bangla Medium), Master in Criminology and Criminal Justice (MCCJ). This school initiated SSC program from 1995 and HSC programs from 1998. Business Studies program has emerged from the 2005-2006 session.

Formal Programs

1. Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

2. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)

3. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

4. Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA), Bangla Medium

5. Master of Business Administration(MBA), Bangla Medium

6. Master in Criminology and Criminal Justice (MCCJ)

Program wise Students:

SchoolName of ProgramNumber of Students (Admitted & Registered)
Carried out students of last 05 years20192020Cumulative
Open SchoolSSC574986231253074172884
BBA (Bangla)0582582
MBA (Bangla)60511721777

SSC Program

BranchesHumanities, Science and Commerce
Minimum Duration2 Years
Maximum duration5 Years
Minimum Requirement for AdmissionClass Eight, JSC or Equivalent

HSC Program

BranchesHumanities, Science and Commerce
Minimum Duration2 Years
Maximum duration5 Years
Minimum Requirement for AdmissionSSC Pass or Equivalent

HSC Learners’ Guide

BBS Program

Duration3 Years
Maximum duration5 Years
Minimum Requirement for AdmissionHSC Pass or Equivalent

Revised Syllabus:
HSC: Army, BAF
SSC & HSC: Navy
HSC: Business (Old), Humanities (Old), Science (Old)

HSC: Business (New), Humanities (New), Science (New)
SSC: Business (Old), Humanities (Old), Science (Old)

SSC: Business (New), Humanities (New), Science (New)


HSC & SSC: Assignment Rules-2021
HSC: Assignment Instruction
HSC: Army, BAF, Navy
HSC: Business 1st year, Business 2nd year, Humanities 1st year, Humanities 2nd year, Science 1st year, Science 2nd year

SSC: Assignment Instruction
SSC: Business 1st year, Business 2nd year, Humanities 1st year, Humanities 2nd year, Science 1st year, Science 2nd year

HSC-1st year (New): Science (Practical)
HSC-2nd year (New): Science (Practical)

HSC-1st year (Old): Business, Humanities, Science, Practical
HSC-2nd year (Old): Business, Humanities, Science, Practical

SSC-1st year (New): Science (Practical)
SSC-2nd year (New): Science (Practical)
SSC-2nd year (Old): Business, Humanities

MBA (Bangla): 1st batch,  2nd batch & 3rd batch

Research Activities

Open school has undertaken a project named “Girls Innovation Initiative in Bangladesh.” It is financially supported by Canadian Open Learning (COL). Baseline study has already been completed.


Open school has its own journal named “The Journal of Open School.” The notice will be issued soon for the call for paper.

List of Faculty Members: 

Name and DesignationPhone/E-mail
Dr. Sabina Yeasmin
Dean & Professor (Home Economics) 
09666730730 Ex.635, 637,  9291109, 01715835899(cell), 9134726(res)
Dr. Sadia Afroz Sultana
Professor (Physics)
09666730730 Ex.636, 9291178(res), 01953205298(cell)
Dr. Md. Chenggish Khan
Professor (Bengali)
09666730730 Ex.638, 0711174653 (cell)
Dr. Mohd. Amirul Islam
Professor (Chemistry)
09666730730 Ex.639, 01720273830 (cell)
Dr. Zobaida Akter
Associate Professor (Philosophy)
 09666730730 Ex.640, 01715011224 (cell)
Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rahim
Associate Professor (Islamic Studies)
09666730730 Ex.641 , 01714300146(cell)
Dr. Rafsan Mahmud
Associate Professor (English)
09666730730 Ex.649, 01712937315 (cell)
Md. Motaharul Islam
Associate Professor (Management)
09666730730 Ex.642, 01711066605(cell)
MS Ananya Laboni
Associate Professor (Home Economics)
09666730730 Ex.643, 01711876979 (cell)
Dr. Most. Shirin Sultana
Associate Professor (Agriculture)
09666730730 Ex.644, 01913505898 (cell)
Dr. Mohammad Jafaur Ahamed
Associate Professor (Accounting)
09666730730 Ex.645, 01712283421 (cell)
Dr. Md. Iqbal Husain
Associate Professor (Sociology) 
09666730730 Ex.646, 01775-378816 (cell)
Zahed Mannan
Associate Professor (Management) 
09666730730/648, 01825890675 (cell)
Md. Anwarul Islam
Assistant Professor (Mathematics)
09666730730 Ex.650, 01715888844/ 01674970773(cell)
Md. Mizanoor Rahman
Assistant Professor (Finance & Banking)
09666730730 Ex.651, 01552352142(cell)
Most. Najnin Jahan
Assistant Professor (Philosophy)
09666730730 Ex.316, 01716916574 (cell)
MS Tasrun Jahan
Assistant Professor (Economics)
09666730730 Ex.140, 01552377965 (cell)
Masud Mohammad Pervez
Assistant Professor (Marketing)
09666730730 Ex.647, 01712803834 (cell)
Umasree Dhar
Assistant Professor (Physics)
09666730730 Ex.653, 01771728144 (cell)
Md. Ali Karim
Assistant Professor (Islamic History)
09666730730 Ex.654, 01818251352 (cell)
MS Meherin Munjarin Ratna
Assistant Professor (Bangla)
09666730730 Ex.558, 01717208592 (cell)
Md. Shahidur Rahman
Assistant Professor(Botany)
01191360465 (cell)
MS Ridita Tasmin
Assistant Professor (English)
09666730730 Ex.656, 01717402496 (cell)
Dr. Md. Zakirul Islam
Assistant Professor (Geography)
09666730730 Ex.657, 01716474529 (cell)
Md. Abdus Sattar
Assistant Professor (Sociology)
09666730730 Ex.658, 01716894103 (cell)
MS Shahina Akter
Assistant Professor (Geography)
09666730730 Ex.659, 01832345005 (cell)
Sodip Roy
Assistant Professor (Political Science)
09666730730 Ex.660, 01715698640 (cell)
MS Kazi Sarmin Pamela
Assistant Professor (Marketing)
09666730730 Ex.661, 01552405812 (cell)
Runu Biswas
Assistant Professor (Mathematics) 
09666730730 Ex.827, 01716846425 (cell)
Md. Mynuddin
Assistant Professor (Management) 
09666730730 Ex.828, 01922004410(cell)
Md. Dulal Mahmud
Assistant Professor (ICT) 
09666730730 Ex.0831, 01716394007 (cell)
Dr. Md. Adnan Arif Salim
Assistant Professor (History) 
09666730730 Ex.830, 01925647293 (cell)
Nusrat Zahan Mou
Assistant Professor (English) 
09666730730 Ex.196, 01719666111(cell)
Mohd. Kutub Uddin
Lecturer (Islamic Studies) 
09666730730 Ex.826, 01711263785 (cell)
Masud Talukder
09666730730 Ex.829, 01670449177(cell)
Al-Amin Sarker
Lecturer (Economics) 
09666730730 Ex.832, 01914157828 (cell)
Md. Omar Faruk Bhuiyan
Lecturer (Finance & Banking) 
09666730730 Ex.834, 01914954727 (cell)
Abu Zihad
Lecturer (Social Work) 
09666730730 Ex.833, 01711430502 (cell)
Officer :
MS Suraiya Banu
Deputy Director
09666730730 Ex.141, 9291101-4/543
Md. Siddikul Islam
Assistant Director
09666730730 Ex.835, 01720119036(cell)
Kamolesh Dhar
Assistant Director 
09666730730 Ex.837, 01718266595(cell)
Md. Tipu Sultan
Assistant Director
09666730730 Ex.836, 01716603495(cell)
Md. Shariful Islam
Assistant Director
09666730730 Ex.838, 01770888440(cell)
MS Taslima Amin
Assistant Director
09666730730 Ex.840
MS Nuran Nahar
Administrative Officer 
09666730730 Ex.839
Md. Mehedi Hasan
Section Officer