School of Social Sciences


Dr. Md. Zahangir Alam

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Languages (SSHL) at Bangladesh Open University. Here at SSHL, we strive to create an educational environment that opens doors to limitless possibilities for our students.

Since its inception, SSHL has been playing a crucial role in shaping the human resource development in our country by offering a diverse array of important programmes across a spectrum of subjects. To address the growing national interest, the School offers certificate programmes in three distinct foreign languages- Arabic, English and Chinese. In its mission to enhance social conscience and nurture human potential, the school provides BA and BSS (Pass) programmes, 4-year BA (Hon’s) programmes in Bangla Language and Literature, History, Philosophy and Islamic Studies; 4-year BSS (Hon’s) programmes in Sociology and Political Science, and a 4-year LLB (Hon’s) programme. As a testament to the increasing demands and interests of the learners, the SSHL at this university has stepped up to offer advanced degrees such as MA in Bangla Language and Literature, History, Philosophy and Islamic Studies as well as MSS in Sociology, Political Science and LLM. In addition, the school is now offering M.Phil. & Ph.D. programme in Bengali Language and Literature, History, Islamic Studies, Philosophy and Sociology. The introduction of this advanced academic program marks a significant milestone in the history of this university, reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence in research, education, and societal contribution.

With the guidance of the skilled and talented teachers at SSHL, learners will be able to confidently navigate the expansive and ever-evolving realm of education and leave indelible marks on their professional and personal journeys.

As the Dean of SSHL, I extend a heartfelt welcome to our school. I trust that this is the place where you can thrive and evolve both as a learner and a responsible citizen of our country. Wishing you success in every aspect of your journey.

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