September 21, 2023

Finance and Accounts

Finance and Accounts

About the Division:

Bangladesh Open University (BOU) began its journey in 1992 with the passing of the BOU act. 1992. The finance and Accounts (F&A) division is one of the important divisions among all the divisions of Bangladesh Open University (BOU). The role and function of the Finance and Accounts division are to examine the financial aspects and oversee the management of the financial affairs of all Schools, Divisions, Sections, Cell, Regional Centers (RC) and Sub- Regional Centers (SRC) of BOU in respect of revenue income and expenditure. This division also assists the university in its financial decision-making processes under the guidance of the authority.

Bangladesh Open University provides education to students all over Bangladesh through open and distance mode. Students can get education from anywhere at any age through open and distance learning methods. Most of the students of Bangladesh Open University depend on the electronic medium and IT facilities. Finance and Accounts Division wants to start a software-based payroll, accounts and online-based receipts & payment systems so that all Financial receipts and claims solve as quickly as possible and students can get much more facilities from Bangladesh Open University and also complete their program in due time.

Accounts Section


1.Provide support to prepare the annual budget of the university under the guidance of the authority.
2.Examine and checks all supplier, tenderer and contractor bills according to PPA-2006 and PPR-2008 (revised) and process those bills for payment.  
3.Checks TA/DA, Teachers honorarium, Petty Cash, Advance, Writer, Reviewer, Tutor and others bill according to PPA-2006 and PPR-2008 (revised) and process those bills for payment.  
4.Checks Travel grants, Subscription & other grants and process those for payment.    
5.Examine all utility bills (Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Municipality Tax, WASA bill etc.) and process those bills for payment.
6.Keeps all financial records like cash book, ledger book, advance register, cheque issue register, bank statement, tenderer and supplier bill register, financial statement, receipts & payment accounts, TAX and VAT register, Challan, TA/DA register and all vouchers properly and timely.
7.Checks all vehicles maintenance and fuel bill according to PPA-2006 and PPR-2008 (revised) and process those bills for payment.
8.Prepares item wise annual budget of the university and discuss all items with the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC) to settle the annual budget.
9.Prepares Broad Sheet Reply (BSR) of audit objections.
10.Prepares receipts and payment accounts monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually.
11.Submit item wise monthly expenditure statement to the UGC and Ministry with their requirements.  
12.Investment of surplus fund (GPF, Pension, BF and others), renewal of investment and encashment of investment.  
13.Any other duties assigned by the university authority.


The Accounts Sections is headed by a Director who is assisted by Joint Director (Accounts), Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Accounts Officer and a number of other officers and staffs.

Finance Section


1.To prepare the budget of the university under the guidance of the authority.
2.To submits monthly, quarterly and annual expenditure statements to the UGC and ministry for their requirements.
3.To released funds from the UGC.
4.Money transfer from various program account to Janata Bank Ltd. for operating the daily transaction of BOU Main Campus and money transfer from Janata Bank Ltd. to all RRC’s establishment and tutorial service for operating the daily transaction of RRC and SRC.
5.To take necessary action for the investment of the surplus fund, renewal of investment and encashment of investments.
6.To supervise the works of budgetary control and payment of subscriptions and grants.
7.To keep liaison with the UGC, ministry, bank and other organization regarding financial matters.
8.To help settle audit objection.
9.To puts-up various types of the letter for administrative approval and send it to the various section, divisions and organizations for necessary action.
10.To conduct finance committee meetings and prepare minutes for the approval of the authority.
11.Any other duties assigned by the authority.

Pay-roll, Pension & Fund Section

Pay-roll & Fund Section is the most important employee benefit based section of the Finance & Accounts Division. After the approval of the authority, the Section provides service to all employees through software-based Payroll & fund systems timely, accurately & smoothly. Satisfaction drives motivation. So getting satisfactory service, our employee provides service to the students all over Bangladesh and abroad also through open and distance mode.


1.Prepare monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly salary expenditures statements for budget preparations as a whole contributes in preparations of University budget. Estimate and submit revised and proposed salary budget reports to the UGC according to their demand. Later face the UGC budget meeting for budget allocation of salary.
2.Assess salary and allowances reports of BOU teachers, Officers and Staffs U/S-108 and deducts tax at source U/S-50. Then finally disburse salary certificates for every teacher, Officer and Staff.
3.Give opinions for approval of time scale, selection grade, EB cross, higher grade according to govt. rules and BOU rules. Finally, get preparations for payment of those benefits according to the approval of the authority. Fixe pay according to official orders of all kinds of financial benefits.
5.Prepare monthly salary by using ERP. Besides, examine overtime and daily wages bills process these files for payment.
5.Process GPF advance file for advance seekers, process final payment of GPF for retired person and payment are made after approval.
6.Help the disposal of audit objection by giving Broad Sheet reply and supporting documents and also face the Tri-Party meeting for disposal audit objections.
7.Do any other works these are assigned by the authority.

Pension, Loan Disburse & Repaid Section


1.Pension is the financial security for the future of every employee. So Pension section of Finance & Accounts Division plays an important role by providing serve the retired persons. Timely receiving a pension is also a motivational task for each employee. So they do their work cordially, sincerely and heartedly in their service.Pension cell serves everybody following mentioned way:-Prepare monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly pension expenditure for budget preparation as a whole to contribute university budget.Prepare budget demand for getting pension funds from the UGC.Face the budget meeting with the UGC budget team for allocation of Pension funds.Conducting Trusty Board Meeting for Benevolent Fund. Prepare related working papers with relevant documents for taking decisions.According to the administrative order process pensioner files and takes necessary actions for payments after the approval of the authority.Prepare monthly pension & benevolent fund bill.
2.A section “loan lending and borrowing” has been started under Finance & Accounts Division as on dated 11/11/2015 to operate & manage sound lending & borrowing process of Land Purchase/House Purchase/Flat Purchase/House Construction & Development for the teachers, Officers & employees of Bangladesh Open University.

Cash & Bill Section

Cash & Bill Section is a very important section of the Finance & Accounts division. All kinds of payments and all kinds of money are received through this section.

Tasks performed by Cash & Bill Section are:

SI NoDescriptions of Online tasksResults
AAll kinds of bills are paid through bank advice within a short period of time. Examiners of BOU can collect the statement of tax Chalan copy through online which is deducted at source against the bill they submitted through online.By getting money of bills and information of Chalan through online, loss of money and time can be reduced for teachers.
BWrites cheques for all bank account that are administered by the Finance & Accounts Division of BOU. Maintains cheque issue register and cash book. Prepares Chalan for vat, tax, bank deposits, reserves chalan copy and submits the report of this to vat, tax office. Presents the file of petty cash of Finance & Accounts division and keeps the records of petty cash.Maximum tasks of SL No B is in the process for starting the tasks through online.
Keeps records of post file and presents the file regarding this. Writes files after receiving money against adjustment related files. Issues all kinds of money receipt. Deposits all DD / PO at bank received for convocation and keeps records of this at the register. Verifies the bank guarantee, sends the letter, gives opinion at the file, deposits DD/ PO at the bank and keeps records of these DD/ PO at the register.
Deposits performance security and works on return file. Deposits cheque of retention money which is deducted from bills and works on return file along with keeping records of these. Receives payments of GPF loan, counts previous service periods, receives payments of house loan, receives cash against audit objection, deposits this audit objected money and keeps records.
Assists internal and external audits. Prepares vouchers for all kinds of incomes and expenses except program incomes.
Receives rent of VIP guest house/rent of Janata Bank/ rent received from BTCL/ receives electricity bills and deposits at bank. Executes all tasks related to confiscation of DD, PO received from PPD, E& E and procurement section.
Sells schedules and keeps records at the register. All accounts vouchers keep in guard file and reserves in godown in a proper way. Sells service/pension book and deposits at the bank these money and keeps records at the register.

Monitoring Section


1.To BOU has 12 Regional Centers 80 Sub-Regional Centers and 1506 Study Centers all over the country for providing its educational services. Around six hundred thousand learners of this university are currently engaged in 53 formal academic programs and 19 non-formal programs for continuing their academic activities. Under the conventional system.
2.To supervise and maintain the program income accounts for the regional resource center and Sub-regional center.
3.To Check and verify monitoring card-1 and 2 which is sent by the Regional Resource Centre.
4.To collect monthly Bank statements from our central income receiving Bank (Sonali, Janata, DBBL and Rupali).
5.To prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly program income and expenditure statements.
6.To prepare the statement of different and timely deposited to the related accounts.
7.To estimate program income properly and timely deposited to the related accounts.
8.To put-up different types of the letter for administrative approval and send it to various sections, divisions and organizations for necessary action.
9.To keep liaison with various types of banks and organizations for necessary action.
10.To provide necessary papers and documents to the internal and external audit team to settle audit objections.
11.To determine cost-benefit analysis from various types of programs and recommendations to income related to a different program.
12.To keep and maintain program income related cash book, ledger book, income & expenditure statements and others record properly.
13.To BOU now introduced a web-based application online services and payment system (OSAPS) for facilitating. 
14.To Online application, admission registration, provisional certificate, original certificate and testimonial payment of fees and other related fees learners deposit by the system. 
15.To finally, selected candidates to complete their admission process by paying admission fees through the payment gateway (bKash, DBBL, Sure Cash) of the OSAPS system.
16.To Collect all kinds of funds and to deposited to the central account.  
17.Any other duties assigned by the authority.

Officer’s List:

NameDesignationPhone /E-mail
Md. Hemayet   MiahDirector9291116, 09666730730 Ex.712
Mohammad Malequzzaman 
Joint Director09666730730 Ex.713
Md. Mizanur Rahman BhuiyanAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.935
Mohammad Neamul Haque HowladerAdministrative Officer09666730730, Ext: 542
Accounts Section
Md.Sazzad Hossain ChoudhuryJoint Director09666730730 Ex.714
SM Atiqur RahamanDeputy Director09666730730 Ex.715
Swarup SarkerAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.937
S.M Emran HossainAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.936
Nazmul Haque 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.944
Md. Mostafijur RahmanAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.939
Md. Ali Akbor 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex. 940
Humayun Kabir 
Section Officer09666730730 Ex.941
Tamjidul IslamAdministrative Officer09666730730 Ex.544
Swapan Kumar DeyAccounts Officer09666730730 Ex.547
Finance Section
Md.Fazlul Karim 
Joint Director09666730730 Ex.719
Md. Mamunur Rashid Sarker 
Deputy Director09666730730 Ex.720
MS Nazneen Nahar 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.942
Md. Helal Uddin 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.543
Md. Saiful Islam 
Asst. Accounts Officer09666730730 Ex.548
Salary Section
MS Nargis AkhterJoint Director09666730730 Ex.717
MS Julekha Khatun 
Deputy Director09666730730 Ex.718
Sahidul Islam 
Accounts Officer09666730730 Ex.199
Tanjida Khanom 
Accounts Officer09666730730 Ex.950
Mohammad Abu SayemAdministrative Officer09666730730 Ex.541
Shahida ParvinAccounts Officer09666730730 Ex.541
Pension, Loan Disburse & Repaid Section
Md. Sohidul IslamJoint Regional Director09666730730 Ext: 782
Aleya Ferdousi 
Assistant Regional Director09666730730 Ex.938
Azimun Nesa 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ext: 943
Mohammad Wahiduzzaman Howlader
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.949
Cash & Bill Section
Md. Monsur AlamJoint Director09666730730 Ex.716
Md. Anarul IslamAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.173
Mohammad Tariqul Islam 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.945
Bazlur Rahman Khondaker 
Accounts Officer09666730730 Ex.545
Monitoring Cell
Md. Nurul Islam 
Joint Director09666730730 Ex.721
MS Hasina Akter Parvin 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.947
Md. Altaf Hossain 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.946


Director (Finance and Accounts)
Finance and Accounts Division
Bangladesh Open University
Board Bazar, Gazipur-1705
Phone: 02-9291116; Fax: 02-9291116
PABX: 09666730730 Ex.712