September 21, 2023

School of Education (SOE)

School of Education (SoE)

School of Education (SOE) is one of the main schools amongst the six schools of Bangladesh Open University and has been operating its’ academic programs successfully since the emergence of the University in 1992. At present, the School of Education is conducting five programs which are Ph.D, M.Phil, MEd, BEd and CEd. This school is operating its’ academic programs under the proper supervision of sixteen trained and higher education recipient teachers.

The main responsibility of the School of Education (SOE), BOU is to develop and nurture educational thoughts and teaching capacity of the teachers providing effective teacher education and training for all levels of education. At present, the school imparts the following formal and non-formal programs:

Formal Programs

1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
2. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)
3. Master of Education (M.Ed)
4. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Program wise Students:

SchoolName of ProgramNumber of Students (Admitted & Registered)
Carried out students of last 05 years20192020Cumulative
School of EducationM.Ed1372554306915

Master of Education (M.Ed)

The main objective of M.Ed is to provide an opportunity of higher study in education and thereby produce a group of highly skilled professional group experts in education and pedagogy.

Program Outline

SemesterThree (3)
Semester duration6 months
Duration of each Tutorial Session60 minutes
Total Credit Hour37
Minimum Duration1&1/2 year
Maximum Duration5 years
Admission TimeApril-June
Course Per Semester1st Semester- 6 Courses
2nd Semester- 4 Courses
3rd Semester– 4 Courses
Course Fees (Per Course)Tk. 550
Registration Fee (Per Semester)Tk. 200.00
Re-exam fees (Per Course)Tk. 120.00
Admission guide with application formTk. 300.00

Bachelor of Education (BEd)

The main objective of BEd is to develop theoretical, conceptual and practical knowledge, understanding and skill of the target groups in pedagogy as well as in subject teaching conducting an efficient teacher education program.

Program Outline

LevelDegree (Bachelor)
Semester duration6 months
Duration of each Tutorial SessionTheoretical60 minutes
Teaching Practice90 minutes
Total Credit Hour62
Minimum Duration1 Years
Maximum Duration5 years
Admission TimeOctober-December
Course per semester (core course and optional course)6+2 = 8
Course FeesTk. 6900.00
Admission FeesNil
Registration Fee200.00
Re-exam fees (Per course)Tk. 120.00
Admission guide with application formTk. 200.00

Non-formal Programs

1. Environmental Education (with SST) and
2. Maternity and Child Care (with SST)


There is one Journal of School of Education named “Journal of Teacher Education”.

List of Faculty Members

Name and DesignationPhone/E-mail
Prof. Sufia Begum
Dean & Professor (Zoology)
09666730730 Ex.605, 606, 9027905 (res), 88-02-9291107(off), 01711120474 (cell), Fax: 88-02-9291107
Prof. Dr. Sunil Kanti Dey
09666730730 Ex.607, 8981221 (res.),  01715428602 (cell),
Prof. Dr. Mohsin Uddin
09666730730 Ex.608, 9293700 (res.),
01726419436 (cell)
Prof. Dr. Selina Akhter
Professor(Social Science), Lien
09666730730 Ex.609
Prof. Dr. Soaib Ahmed (Shoaib Gibran)
Professor (Bangla)
09666730730 Ex.610, 01715645189 (cell)
Prof. Dr. A. S. M. Golam Mortuza
Professor (Economics)
09666730730 Ex.611, 01711447598 (cell) 
Ms. Lovely Akhter Dolly
Professor (Philosophy)
09666730730 Ex.612, 01726099846 (cell)
Md. Anwarul Islam
Professor (Chemistry)
09666730730 Ex.613, 01914732065 (cell)
MS Syeda Ifteara Khanum
Associate Professor (Life Science)
09666730730 Ex.106, 01790508433 (cell)
Amirul Islam
Associate Professor (Mathematics)
09666730730 Ex.107, 01912236942 (cell)
MS Arifa Rahman Ruma
Associate Professor (Education)
09666730730 Ex.108, 01911-553935 (cell)
Fahmida Haque
Associate Professor (Sociology)
09666730730 Ex.109, 01915485041 (cell)
MS Sakiba Ferdowsi
Associate Professor (Education)
09666730730 Ex.110, 01715752776 (cell)
Md. Zahurul Islam
Associate Professor (Education)
09666730730 Ex.614, 01712191444 (cell)
Rezwanul Alam
Assistant Professor (Education)
09666730730 Ex.111, 01819496420 (cell)
MS Merine Sultana
Assistant Professor (Education)
09666730730 Ex.113, 01911275989(cell)
Abu Naser Mohammed Tofail Hossain
Assistant Professor (English) 
09666730730 Ex.616, 01912527499 (cell)
Md. Arif-Uz-Zaman
Assistant Professor (English) 
09666730730 Ex.115, 01740840421 (cell)
Md. Nazim Mahmud
Assistant Professor (Education)
09666730730 Ex.114, 01712263855 (cell)
Mohammad Rezaul Islam
Assistant Professor (Accounting)
09666730730 Ex.615, 01916895065(cell)
MS Pragati Das
Assistant Professor (English)
09666730730 Ex.617, 01745826905 (cell)
Md. Meraz Ahmed
Assistant Professor (Business Studies) 
09666730730 Ex.116, 01917038798 (cell)
Ms. Rubaia Rahman
Lecturer (Computer Science)
0966673073 Ex.814, 01762201994 (cell)
Mohammed Mosaraf Hossain
Assistant Director
09666730730 Ex.117, 01712800358 (cell)
Md. Jakir Hossain
Assistant Director
09666730730 Ex.815, 01716288635 (cell)
Tofaiel Ahmed
Assistant Director
0966730730 Ex.816,01674010668 (cell)

Contact Information of the School
Tel: 88-02-9291107 (off.)
Fax: 88-02-9291107