September 21, 2023


Mymensingh Regional Center

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Welcome to Mymensingh Regional Center (RC) of Bangladesh Open University (BOU). It is one of the most important RC of BOU among its 12 RC’s. According to the main city of the region and the location of the RC office it is named as Mymensingh RC. The RC office is situated in an entry location of the Mymensingh city besides the Dhaka – Mymensingh highway called Maskanda. The BOU authority decided to establish this RC to assure availability of BOU resources and activities in the Region through its Coordinating offices and Study centers.

List of Sub-Regional Centers:


List of Program wise study centers with their code:

SSC Program:

SL#SRC Name & CodeSC Sl #Name of Study CentersCode
01jamalpur- 14015 no Union Jahanara high school, jamalpur835
02Baliadah High School, Islampur, Jamalpur142
03Balizuri F.M. High School842
04Chandrabaz Rashida Begum High School, Jamalpur124
05Dewanganj Govt. High School144
06Dhanua Kamalpur Co-Operative High School, Jamalpur849
07Guathail High School, Jamalpur.238
08Hasina Gazi Girls High School, Jamalpur844
09Jamalpur Zila School, Jamalpur141
10K P Anzumanara Faruque High School, Jamalpur147
11Melandaha Jamiruddin Pilot High School145
12Nandina M.H.K. Govt. Pilot High School, Jamalpur847
13Pingna Girls High School, Jamalpur848
14Rahila Kadir High School125
15Riaz Uddin Talukder High School, Jamalpur843
16Rumiza Momin Girls High School,Jamalpur856
17Sharifpur High School , Jamalpur149
18Sripur Kumaria High School, Jamalpur148
19Teghoria Sahed Ali High School & College, Jam146
20Zawla Gopalpur Bhumukhi High School140
02kishorgonj- 1901Austagram Pilot High School, Austagram192
02Azim Uddin High School179
03Bhairabbazar K.B. Pilot High School194
04Emad Uddin High School, Kishorgonj845
05Hafez Abdul Razzak Pilot H/S, Bazitpur195
06Hashmot Uddin High School, Kishorgonj59
07Hossainpur Pilot Girls High School, Hossainpur197
08Itna Girls High School977
09Karimgang Pilot High School190
10Katiadi Pilot Boys High School199
11Kishorganj Govt. Boys High School191
12Kuliarchar Pilot High School, Kuliarchar196
13Pakundia Pilot High School, Pakundia193
03Madhupur- 121Hemnagar Girls High School,Tangail858
2Momtaz Ali High School, Danbari,Tangail138
3Ranibhabani High School, Madhupur121
4Shakhipur P.M. Pilot High School135
5Suti B.M. High Schoool, Tangail.137
6Ukhariabari Bahumukhi High School, Madhupur123
04Mymensingh- 161Anzuman Ideal Govt. High School,185
2Batajore B. M. High School157
3Churkuricha High School160
4Dhaobawara Bahumukhi High School837
5Dhubaura Bohumuki High School161
6Edward Institution, Mymensingh168
7Fulbaria Pilot High School172
8Fulpur Girls High School, Mymensingh163
9Gouripur R.K. Govt. High Shool, Gouripur640
10Hadia Hatem Ali High School, Tangail171
11Haluaghat Boys High School, Mymenshigh836
12Hamida Sultana Girls High School128
13Hazi Osman Ali High School158
14Islami Accademy High School , Trishal .189
15Kalmakanda Pilot High School827
16Khaerullah Govt. Girls High School,Goporgaon180
17M. K. C. Pilot High School, Durgapur169
0518Mukta Gacha K.R. High School173
19Nasirabad Collegiate School139
20Rahmote Alam Accademy170
21Rostam Ali Golandaz High School828
22Shahid Zia High School, Shumbogonj841
23Sharishabari R.D.M. Pilot High School164
24Shohobanu Girls High School175
25Sonar Bangla High School853
06Netrakona- 181Purbadhala J.M. Govt. Pilot High School, Purbadhala, Netrakona181
2Datta High School, Netrakona182
3Sadhupara High School, Purbadhala, Netrakona184
4Mohanganj Public High School, Mohanganj, Netrakona188
5Kamlakanda Govt Pilot High School, Kamlakanda, Netrakona189
6Birishiri P. C Nall Memorial High School, Durgapur, Netrakona567
07sherpur- 151G. K. Pilot High School, Sherpur.150
2Jhinaigati Pilot High School, Jhinaigati151
3Kumri Khtajan Girls High School129
4Laboratory High School . Sherpur156
5Matifatta G. M. High School Sreebodi , Sherpur155
6Nakla pilot High School178
08Tangail- 131Bhuapur Boys High School136
2Bindubashini Govt.Boys High School.,Tangail131
3Barashila Ideal High School, Tangail127
4Delduar Govt.Sayed Abdul Jabbar H/S134
5Dubaiel Ideal Gono High School, Tangail830
6Foldha Ramshundor Union High School, Tangail846

HSC Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC Sl#Name of Study CentersCode
01Mymensingh-161Nasirabad College, Mymensingh.160
2Sonar Bangla Degree College, Valuka,Mymensingh.175
3Atharbari Degree College, Mymensing125
4Bramoputra Residential Model College,Mymensing124
5Mymensingh College,Mymensing123
6Ananda Mohon College, Mymensingh122
7Dhobawora Women College, Mymensingh126
8Hazi Kashem Ali Mohila Degree College169
9Valuka Degree College, Mymensingh172
10Fulbaria Degree College, Mymensingh168
11Haluaghat Ideal Mohila College, Mymensingh166
12Abdur Rahman Degree College, Gafargaon167
13Bangabandhu Degree College, Mymensingh163
14Trishal Mohila Degree College,Mymensingh162
15Samurta jahan Mohila College, Mymensingh164
16Gouripur Mohila College, Mymensingh161
17Fulpur Degree College, Mymensingh.170
02Tangail-131Kalihati College, Tangail176
2Lion Nazrul Islam Degree College, Tangail159
3H.M.Institution, Tangail173
4Atia Mahila College, Tangail136
5Mirzapur Degree College, Tangail135
6Gopalpur College, Tangail128
7Major General Mahamudul Hasan College, Tangail138
8G.B.G. University College,Ghatail,Tangail137
9Nagarpur Mohila College, Tangail.131
10Modhupur Degree College, Modhupur,Tangail,121
11Sakhipur Residential Mohila College,Tangail133
12Dhanbari Degree College, Tangail.134
13Lokman Fokir Mohila College, Tangail132
14Govt. M. M. A. College, Tangail.130
03Jamalpur-141Nandina Shek Anwar Hossain College, Jamalpur155
2Zinnatun Afsar Women College,Jamalpur151
3Islampur College, Jamalpur139
4Habibur Rahman College,jamalpur145
5Pogal Degha College, Jamalpur840
6Govt. Ashek Mahmud College, Jamalpur146
7Dighpait Shamsul Haque Degree College,Jamalpur148
8Khatemon Moin Mohila College, Jamalpur149
9Mirza Azam College, Jamalpur147
10Zahanara Latif Mohila College, Jamalpur142
11S.N.C Ideal College ,Islampur, Jamalpur.144
12Shahid Ziaur Rahman College,Jamalpur.143
13Zawla Gopalpur College, Jamalpur.140
04Sherpur-151Alhazz Shafiuddin Ahmed College, Sherpur174
2Zhenygathi Women Ideal College, Sherpur129
3Dr. Shekandor Ali College, Sherpur127
4Aysha Inuddin Mohila College, Sherpur152
5Sherpur Govt. College, Sherpur150
6Hazi Jalmamud College ,Nakla,Sherpur154
05Netrakona-181Govt. Hazi Abdul Aziz Khan Degree College, Netrakona156
2Susang Govt. Degree College, Durgapur,  Netrakona158
3Abu Abbas Degree College, Netrakona.180
4Barhatta Govt. College, Barhatta, Netrakona181
5Rabeya Ali Mohila Degree College, Purbadhala, Netrakona183
6Kalmakanda Govt. College Kalmakanda, Netrakona185
7Krishnapur Govt. Hazi Ali Akbar  College, Netrakona186
8Kendua Govt. College, Kendua, Netrakona183
06Kishorgonj-191R.S. Ideal College, Kishorgonj157
2Rafiqul Islam Mohila College, Kishorgonj194
3Pakundia Degree College, Kishorgonj191
4Hossainpur Degree College193
5Karimgonj Degree College, Kishorgonj.197
6Tarail Muktijoddha Degree College, Kishorgonj196
7Kishorgonj Poura Mohila College, Kishorgonj190
07Sharishabari1Sharisabari Pilot Girls School & College141

BA/BSS Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC Sl #Name of Study CentersCode
01Jamalpur- 141Zawla Gopalpur Degree College, Jamalpur.140
2Govt. Ashek Mahmud College, Jamalpur146
3Islampur College, Jamalpur145
4Shahid Ziaur Rahman College, Jamalpur143
02Kishorgonj- 191Kishorgonj Mohila College, Kishorgonj199
03Modhupur- 121Modhupur University College, Tangail.121
04Mymensingh- 161Nasirabad College, Mymensingh160
2Anandamohan College, Mymensingh175
3Trishal Mohila Degree College, Mymensingh.162
4Dhobaura Mohila College, Mymensingh.123
5Gouripur Mohila College, Gouripur.236
05Netrakona- 181Govt. Hazi Abdul Aziz Khan, Degree College, Madan, Netrakona156
2Abu Abbas Degree College, Netrokona180
3Kalmakanda Govt. College, Kalmakanda,  Nettrokona181
4Durgapur Mohila Degree College, Durgapur, Netrakona182
5Rabeya Ali Mohila Degree College, Purbadhala, Netrokona183
6Kendua Govt. College, Kendua, Netrakona850
06Sherpur- 151Sherpur Govt. College, Sherpur150
2Haji Jal Mahmud College, Nakhla, Sherpur154
3Hafi Jal Mahmud College, Nakhla, Sherpur.151
07Tangail- 131M.M. Ali College, Tangail130
2Nagarpur Mohila College, Nagarpur, Tangail131
3Sokhipur Residential Mohila College, Tangail132
4Dhanbari College, Tangail122
08Fulpur1Bangabandhu Degree College, Mymensingh163

Address :
Regional Centre, Mymensingh
Bangladesh Open University
Mashkanda (Adjacent to Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway)

Regional Director
Phone: 091-52408