September 21, 2023



BOU produces its course materials and runs its tutorial services by both print media and electronic media through Publishing, Printing and Distribution Division and Media Division respectively.

Print Media

The print media (books, readers guide books, journals, students handbook etc.) plays a vital role in distance learning. The learners of all academic programs of BOU are provided with a complete set of textbooks written in modular form.

The preparation of modular form of textbooks is a long drawn process. A draft curriculum is prepared by faculty members. It is then placed before the Curriculum Committee and which is finally approved by the Academic Council. The course material production team then does the job of preparing the text and finally hands over the final manuscript to PPD. The last phase of printing of materials is taken care of by the Publishing, Printing and Distribution Division. The study package including modules and other printed materials are dispatched to Regional Resource Centers (RRC) and Local Centers (LC) for distribution among the students.

Electronic Media

Apart from print media, support is also given to learners of BOU through radio and television programs. Scripts are prepared by both in-house and external subject experts. Audio-visual materials are produced jointly by the Schools and the Media Division.

BOU is now using the latest information technology like the Internet, GIS and is soon to start tele and video conferencing for interactions between the learners and the teachers. The Media Center provides all modern facilities for production and broadcast of multimedia educational materials. Constructed at a cost of about 600 million taka, the Center is equipped with most modern technological devices like silicon graphics, digital editing suites, electronic preview theaters, micro-wave communication link and full-fledged audio-video studios.

School wise TV Programme Broadcasting Schedule:

Morning 7-15 to 8.00

Broadcasting DaySchool
SundayOpen School
MondaySchool of Social Science, Humanities and Language
TuesdaySchool of Science and Technology
WednesdaySchool of Business
ThursdaySchool of Agriculture and Rural Development
FridaySchool of Education

School wise Radio Programme Broadcasting Schedule:

Evening 7-05 to 7-30 (Dhaka ‘Kha’ Channel)

Broadcasting DaySchoolRe-Broadcast Description (Friday)
SaturdaySchool of Education1st Friday of the Month – SOE
2nd Friday of the Month- SSHL
3rd Friday of the Month- OS
4th Friday of the Month- SOB
5th Friday of the Month-SARD/SST
SundaySchool of Social Science, Humanities and Language
MondayOpen School
TuesdaySchool of Business
WednesdaySchool of Agriculture and Rural Development
ThursdaySchool of Science and Technology

Officer’s List

NameDesignationPhone/ E-mail
Engr. S. M. Keramat AliDirector9291128, 09666730730 Ex.730
Md. Nowjesur Rahman (PRL)Joint Director09666730730 Ex.731
Sharif Md. ShahabuddinJoint Director09666730730 Ex.732
Sohil AhmedSenior video specialist (Grade-1)09666730730 Ex.733
A.K.M. Fakhrul IslamSenior Program Specialist (Grade-1)09666730730 Ex.734
Md. Rezaul KarimJoint Director(Media)09666730730 Ex.735
K.M. Fakrul IslamSenior Video specialist09666730730 Ex.737
Md. Mazharul Islam PatwaryDeputy Director (Set Design)09666730730 Ex.739
Mst. Salina Parvin 
Senior Program Specialist09666730730 Ex.740
Bilkis Jahan 
Deputy Director (Production)09666730730 Ex.741
Md. Saraf Uddin KhanSenior Video specialist09666730730 Ex.743
Afet Mita Shamsee 
Senior Program Specialist09666730730 Ex.744
Md. Motiur RahmanSenior Video specialist09666730730 Ex.745
Ratan BanarjeeDeputy Director (Engineering)09666730730 Ex.738
Md. Abujar Giffay 
Assistant Director09666730730 Ex.742
Shaikh Md. Ataullah
Senior Technical
Ali AhammadProgram Specialist09666730730 Ex.958
Md. Abdul Qaiyum BhuiyanAssistant Director (Production)09666730730 Ex.959
Md. Ferdous AlamVideo Specialist09666730730 Ex.961
Abu Shahid MollaAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.964
Muhammad Belal Hossain MazumderAssistant Director (Engineering)09666730730 Ex.794
Md. Rashed KabirAssistant Director (Engineering)09666730730 Ex.795
MS Taslima Akter 
Assistant Director (Engineering)09666730730 Ex.966
Muhammad Harun-or-RashidAssistant Director (Engineering)09666730730 Ex.967
Md. Mazbaul AlamSenior Technical Officer09666730730 Ex.968
Md. Harun Al-RashidSenior Technical Officer09666730730 Ex.969
Luthfun Nessa 
Assistant Director (Engineering)09666730730 Ex. 982
Mohammad Mahbubul AlamAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.962
Md. Abdul KaderAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.963
MS Feroza BegumAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.965
MS Salina Akter ShallyAssistant Director09666730730 Ex.970
MS Nasrin Akter Chowdhury Assistant Director (Media)09666730730 Ex. 971
Md. Tabibar Rahman 
Assistant Director (Media)
MS Rokeya Khatun 
Assistant Director (Media)
Mst. Sheuly Akter 
Hasna Hena Bakul 
Assistant Director (Media)
Shantanu HalderProducer(Study Leave)09666730730 Ex.960
Md. Belal Hossain  
Cameraman09666730730 Ex.972
Md. Asraful Haque 
Cameraman09666730730 Ex.973
Mohammed Humayun KabirTechnical Officer09666730730 Ex.975
Mohammad   Mahmudul AlamProducer09666730730 Ex977.
Md. Shahidur Rahman 
Technical Officer09666730730 Ex.980 
Dewan Noor IslamProducer09666730730 Ex981.
Mohammad Rafiqul Alam 
Administrative Officer09666730730 Ex.983
Musammat MomtazProgramme Officer09666730730 Ex. 984
Sultana YeasminProgramme Officer09666730730 Ex. 985
Md. Lahul MiahProgramme Officer09666730730 Ex.
Md. Amit Jahidi HimelProducer09666730730 Ex.
Buddyut Kumar SurAssistant Engineer09666730730 Ex.986
Md. Delwar Hossain 
Assistant Engineer09666730730 Ex. 987
Md. Mafujul IslamAdministrative Officer09666730730 Ex.990
Md. Mizanur Rahman Majumder 
Section Officer09666730730 Ex. 988
Md. Abid MahmudSub-Assistant Engineer09666730730 Ex.989
Din Mohammad


Engr. S. M. Keramat Ali
Phone: 9291128, 09666730730 Ex. 730