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Jashore Regional Center

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Jashore Regional Center (RC) of Bangladesh Open University (BOU). It is one of the most important RC of BOU among its 12 RC’s. According to the main city of the region and the location of the RC office it is named as Jashore RC. The RC office is situated at Uposahor in Jashore city. The BOU authority decided to establish this RC in 1994 to assure availability of BOU resources and activities in the Region through its Coordinating offices and Study centers. Sub-Regional Centers are 06, Total Study Centers are 127, Tutor 2241 and total number of students are 35463.

Sub-Regional Centers:


Program wise study centers with code:

SSC Program:

Sl #SRC Name & CodeSC Sl #Name of Study CentersCode
1Chuadanga- 401Sarojgonj High School, Chuadanga408
2Chuadanga V.J Govt. High School401
3Alamdanga Bohumukhi Pilot High School404
4Jibon Nagar Pilot High School403
5Chuadanga Govt Girl’s High School402
7Damurhoda Pilot Girls High School, Chuadanga430
2Jashore- 871Narikel Baria Bohumukhi High School, Jashore275
2Pular Hat Secondary School464
3Monirampur Ideal Sammilini High Scool.459
4Notun Khoyartola Secondary School, Jashore427
5Sharsha High School879
6Noapara Shankarpasha High School878
7Jhikorgacha Multi Pilot Secondary Schoo877
8Progati Girl’s High School, Jashore876
9Abdulbari Bohumukhi Secondary School875
10Khajura M.N Mitra Secondary School874
11Chougacha Pilot High School873
12Jashore Zilla School871
13Modhushudon Taraproshonno Girls Secondary School and College399
14Jashore Adarsha Bohumukhi Girls High School650
15Municipal Preparatory High School, Jashore545
16Gaidghat Secondary School, Jashore548
17Hakimpur High School, Chugacha, Jashore274
3Jhenaidah – 441Sheikhpara Rahatonessa Sec. Gr. H/S447
2Naldanga Bhushan Pilot Secondary School446
3Shailkupa Pilot Girls High School465
4Moheshpur Dimukhi High School444
5Kot Chandpur Secondary School443
6Jhenaidah Govt. High School441
7Hat fazilpur High School, Jhenaidah460
8Wazir Ali School and College, Jhenaidah549
4Keshabpur1Keshabpur Pilot High School461
5Kushtia1Mohini Mohan Bidya Pith, Kushtia416
2Harinarayanpur High School, Kushtia413
3Doulotpur Pilot Secondery School, Kustia466
4Mirpur Pilot Secondary School, Mirpur397
5Taher Secondary School, Khustia.396
6Shomshpur Bhuhomokhy High School,Kushtia975
7Ideal Secondary School,Kushtia973
8Kumarkhali M.N. Pilot High School425
9Kustia Zilla School411
6Magura- 431Magura Govt. High School432
2R.S.K.H Institution ,Magura438
3Nakol R. C. High School, Magura437
7Meherpur- 391Bamondi- Nishipur School & College735
2Gangni Secondary School392
3Meherpur Girl’s High School & College,393
8Narail- 451Mollikpur Union Secondary School424
2Fazilatunnessa High School454
3Laxmipasha Adarsha High School453
4Kalia Pilot Secondary School452
5Norail V.C. High School.458
6Poura Secondary School451

HSC Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-861Chowgacha Mridhapara Mohila College, Jashore.870
2Talbaria Degree College, Jashore872
3Uposhohor Degree College, Jashore403
5Chowgacha Degree College, Jashore395
6Doctor Abdur Razzaq Municipal College, Jashore394
8Nowapara Women College, Jashore875
9Jhikorgacha Women College, Jashore874
10Navaron College, Sharsha, Jashore873
11Tarikul Islam Pouro College, jashore408
13ABCD College, Jashore982
14Jessore College, Jashore432
15Jessore Cantonment College, Jashore389
16Bagharpara Degree College, Jashore429
17Chitra Model College, Bagharpara, Jashore421
18Upashahar Mohila College, Jashore871
2Jhenaidah -441Dukhi Muhamud Degree College, Jhenaidah441
2Shailkupa Women Degree College, Jhenaidah407
3Maheshpur Govt. Degree College, Jhenaidah424
4Jhinaidaha College, Jhenaidah440
3Kushtia1Piepols Degree College, Khustia397
2Goalgram College, Khustia396
5Nuruzzaman Biswash College, Kushtia418
8Mirpur Mahmuda Chowdhury College, Kushtia412
9Bheramara Mohila College, Kushtia420
10Kumarkhali Degree College,Kushtia413
11Islamia College, Kushtia.410
4Chuadanga-401Alamdanga Mohila College, Chuadanga406
2Abdul Wadud Shah Degree College,Chuadanga402
3Jibonnagor Degree College, Chuadanga428
4Chuadanga Poura degree College, Chuadanga400
5Narail-451Lohagora Adarsha College, Norial451
2Shahid Abdus Salam Degree College,Norail452
3Noboganga Degree College, Norail427
4Laxmipasha Mohila Degree College, Norail449
3Abdul Hai Degree College, Norail.450
6Meherpur-391ARB Degree College, Megerpur423
2Gangni Women College, Meherpur391
3Gangni Degree College, Meherpur426
4Kajipur College, Meherpur409
7Magura-431Magura Ideal College, Magura430

BA/BSS Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Bheramara-421Bheramara Mohila Degree College, Kushtia,420
2Chuadanga-401Chuadanga Poura Degree College, Chuadanga400
2Alamdanga Mohila College, Chuadanga406
3Abdul Wadud Shah Degree College,Chuadanga401
3Jashore-871Nawapara Mohila College, Nawapara, Jashore875
2Uposhahar Mohila College873
4Jikorgacha Mohila Degree College, Jashore919
6Chowgacha Mridhapara Mohila College871
7Talbaria Degree College, Jashore872
8ABCD College Chowgacha, Jashore982
9Dr. Abdur Razzak Municipal College, Jashore394
10Chowgacha Degree College, Jashore395
11Upasahar Degree College, Jashore874
4Jhenaidah -441K.C. Govt. College, Jhenaidah440
2Jahiaidaha College392
3Maheshpur Govt. Degree College, Jhenaidah424
5Kushtia1Kushtia Islamia College, Kushtia410
2Kumarkhali College, Kushtia411
3Poples Degree College,Kushtia397
6Magura-431Magura Ideal Degree College, Magura430
7Meherpur-391ABCD Degree College, Meherpur390
2Kajipur College, Meherpur409
3Goanni Women Degree College, Goanni Meherpur391
8Narail-451Lohagra Model College, Lohagra, Norail451
2Shahid Abdus Salam Degree College, Norail452
3Abdul Hai Degree College, Narail450

BEd Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-871Govt. Teachers Training College, Jashore007

MEd Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-871Govt. Teachers Training College, Jashore007
2Dr. Abdur Razzak Municipal College, Jashore870

BAgEd Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-871Kazi Nazrul Islam Degree College, Jashore870/
2961 (BIMS)

CLP Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-871Youth Training Center, Jashore960

MBA Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-871Islamic University, Kushtia411

CALP Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Kushtia1Islamic University, Kushtia411

DCSA Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-871Muslim Aid Institution of Technology, Jashore871
Kushtia2Islamic University, Kushtia411

BBA Program:

SL#SRC   Name & CodeSC SL #Name of Study CentersCode
1Jashore-871Govt.M M College, Jashore870

Total Study Centers: 127

Total Tutors: 2241

Address :
Regional Centre, Jashore
Bangladesh Open University
Jashore Upa-Shahar (Adjacent to Dhaka Road)
Post: Upa-Shahar, District: Jashore.

Regional Director
Phone: 0421-68526, Fax: 0421-61892

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