September 21, 2023



About the Division

It is indeed anticipated from the advancement of Open Distance Learning (ODL) in Bangladesh that the Number of world-renowned professionals was involved in the process of developing the whole Project Proposal of Bangladesh Open University the only public university for Open and Distance Learning (ODL) in the country. Based on their concept note and the whole Project Proposal “Bangladesh Open University act 1992” was passed in the National Parliament and BOU was established. Within the projection of process sketch and organization, Computer Division was included as an independent Division with other Divisions. Enlightens of concept creators of BOU and the global impact of ICT in ODL It could be assumed that, to achieve excellence in ODL a very strong ICT infrastructure is a must and the Computer Division is hale responsible for that.


The mission of the Computer Division is to establish an efficient and effective ICT infrastructure that will ensure ICT enabled work environment, effective Students support services and innovative ICT applications based on which the University becomes a center of excellence.


The Division is organized with a team of professionals of different sections and headed by a Director who is technically the Systems Manager. To ensure effective output, professional support and practical implications the division may have different sections like:

1. Software

2. Hardware Maintenance

3. Network and Internet

4. Web applications

Current Activities

  • Development, establishment and regular maintenance of university-wide Optical Fiber backed Network.
  • Day to day and regular/routine Hardware maintenance and troubleshooting of all Computer hardware peripherals of the university.
  • Broadband internet connectivity, email, video conferencing and related services.
  • Development, implementation and regular maintenance of websites and web-based applications.
  • Development and implementation of different software applications of the university.
  • Design, development, implementation and regular maintenance of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) network of the university.
  • Design development and implementation of innovative ideas and applications to ensure maximum support to our students and earned the highest degree of excellence.
  • Support and implementation IP PBX system of the university.
  • Organize need-based ICT training for all staff members of BOU.
  • Preparation of annual ICT plan and budget of the university.

Future Plan

  • Design development and implementation of a fully automated one-stop service for prospective BOU students.
  • Extend BOU ICT infrastructure support for its underprivileged students/learners.
  • Take every initiative to make our goal “We assure education at your doorstep”.

Officer’s List

Md. Masum Billah

9291120, 09666730730 Ex.772
Md. Ahasanur Rahman 

System Analyst09666730730 Ex.774
Jubaidul Haque 

System Analyst09666730730 Ex. 893
Utpal Kumar Ghose 

Deputy System Analyst09666730730 Ex.775
Md. Touhidul IslamWebmaster09666730730 Ex. 
Md. Abdur Rouf Sarder 

Programmer09666730730 Ex. 887
Md. Abdul Mamun Mondol 

Senior Asst. Network Administrator09666730730 Ex. 167
Md. Tajul Islam 

Senior Asst. Network Administrator09666730730 Ex. 889
Mohammad Shah KamalHardware Maintenance Engineer 

09666730730 Ex.
Md. Abdur Rahman 

Assistant Director09666730730 Ex. 165
Ziaur Rahman 

Assistant Director09666730730 Ex. 886
Md. Aminul Islam 

Hardware Engineer09666730730 Ex. 890
Md. Shariful Islam 

Hardware Engineer 09666730730 Ex. 166
Md. Shoriful IslamAssistant Hardware Maintenance Engineer 

09666730730 Ext.
Md. Manirul IslamAssistant Programmer

09666730730 Ext.
Md. Nur NabiAssistant Hardware Maintenance Engineer 

09666730730 Ext.
Hasan MahmudSection Officer 

09666730730 Ex. 


Md. Masum Billah
Contact No: 02-9291120
E-mail address:
Location: Bangladesh Open University, Board Bazar, Gazipur-1705.